Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered a bunch of questions below. Should you have any other queries, feel free to reach out at or @yalohemp on Instagram or Facebook

1) What does ‘Yalo’ Mean

The name Yalo come from the isiXhosa word isityalo, meaning plant.

We chose this word as it links Yalo as a brand to South Africa, our home, and it links us to our ethos as a brand - plant made and sustainable.

2) Why Hemp?

Hemp is known for requiring much less water, than cotton, to grow and is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to other materials. In addition, items made from hemp are also lightweight.

3) Who are we?

Yalo was founded and created by a team of UCT students undertaking their Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship. We decided to create this product because we noticed a lack of environmentally friendly options for slimline wallets that are locally made in South Africa. Therefore, we chose hemp as our core material as its production is more sustainable than that of cotton and saves almost 220% more water. We hope that this wallet meets all your needs. Please feel free to share your experience with your Yalo Wallet and tag us @yalohemp!

4) Why buy sustainably?

Looking after our planet is more important now than ever before. Forests are burning, animals are dying and the air is polluted. Supporting small businesses allows you to purchase products that are made with sustainable materials, and support the local economy.

5) Who are our CMT’s?

We make use of a team of local CMT’s in Plumstead, specialising in the manufacturing of hemp products.

6) How do we help the environment?
Hemp products use 220% less water than cotton, and are significantly better for the environment. Our products are produced in small batches, thus minimising waste, and providing you with a unique product.

7) Where can I find your products?

Right now we’re most accessible online. Should you not wish to purchase online, or see a product before you buy, contact us on Instagram or Facebook at @yalohemp, and we’ll be happy to hand deliver one to you in Cape Town.

8) What is next?

We’ve got loads in the pipeline! Subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date.